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New pours

We are here to help you design your polished concrete floor. If you’re a new home or pouring a new slab for an extension we encourage you to contact us to ensure you design and plan for a a floor that suits your build. We can help you through all the different stages of floor design and construction, including aggregate choice, grind/cut exposure and surface finish. Getting in touch with us early in the design phase will ensure you and your builder time the concrete works to take into account the grinding process.

We value open and ongoing communication with you and your builder, focusing on your vision and budget.

Old floors

Bringing new life to old floors, and exposing their hidden beauty is something we love to do. We take care to be sympathetic to the original foundation’s character and your practical needs regarding intended use. We aim to be environmentally friendly in our work, capturing the dust and respecting your everyday use of the space as we work around you.  We are here to help you with the important decisions of grind/cut exposure and desired floor finish and understanding the unique properties of your existing slab.

Floor options

Whether for commercial or residential use, your creative foundation of polished concrete floor is a unique combination of choice of aggregate (stone), concrete colour, cut (exposure) of stone on floor, and the floor finish (gloss, matt, nonslip etc).

To view some of the more commonly used aggregate (stone) options for our region, see our floor options page. We also have floor samples on display at Bricks And More, 14 Vale Road, Bathurst and at our new showroom-Opening November 2019, 23 Keppel Street, Bathurst.

In-slab heating

Turn your foundations into an energy efficient heat-bank, complementing its natural thermal mass properties with in-slab heating.  For new pours we work with you to design the placement of in-slab heating – hydronic or electric – and to maximise the capture of solar heat onto the slab.  In-slab heating offers ambient, consistent and comforting heat from the ground up.

Environmental Sustainability

We embed environmental sustainability across all areas of our business – we walk the walk. We live the benefits of energy efficiency, comfort and solar passive design in our own home and office and we understand from lived experience the value of investing in clever design and quality building materials.

Contact us with any questions you have about our commitment to environmentally sustainable building practices in our business.

NJC are Green Smart Professional
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