Floor Options

Your polished concrete floor

Creating your desired polished concrete floor requires planning and some careful choices.

For new slabs you’ll need to choose your preferred aggregate (stone) and concrete colour.  For new and old slabs you’ll need to consider the extent to which you want the slab cut – this is often referred to as the exposure of the aggregate and means how much of the stone you want to see, i.e. no stone exposure (‘nude’), a little exposure (soft grind/ ‘salt & pepper’), or medium exposure and full exposure where increasingly more of the stone is visible from grinding the floor surface.

The next choice involves the finished look of your polished floor –  high gloss, low gloss or matt.  If your floor is in a wet area (e.g. verandah, pool area or laundry) a nonslip finish is also available.

Below you’ll find some information on:

  • choosing aggregates;
  • choosing floor finishes;
  • how to personalise your polished concrete floor;
  • our polishing process;
  • suggested maintenance; and
  • the products we use.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Choosing aggregate

Choose your favourite aggregate (stone) to mix with the required aggregate, Blue Metal (the black/dark blue stone in concrete). Visit your local landscape supplier to view your choices, or ask us for the best stones for your region and your construction needs.  Let your imagination flow – there is a wide range of choice of stone colour, combinations and shape.  Scroll through the slideshow here to see some popular aggregates used in the central west of NSW.

Choosing floor finish

You can choose the finished look of your polished concrete floor – seal with a high gloss for a shiny ‘wet’ look, low gloss for a sheen, or matt for a soft finish. We also have a nonslip final coat available for use on for wet areas.

Personalising your floor

Add a little personality to your new slab by placing some keepsakes into the surface for cut and polishing to expose their story. Coins, coloured glass fragments, pieces of mirror glass – we can help you select then place items into the newly poured surface ensuring your special memories are a feature of your new floor.

Our process

We have extensive construction experience and can work with you for the duration of the polished concrete process – including design, pour, grind, polish, seal and burnish.  Ask us about in-slab heating and how to incorporate this heating option into the design of your new polished concrete slab.

Suggested floor maintenance

Polished concrete floors are exceptionally low maintenance and very allergy-friendly.  To clean polished concrete floors we recommend using just hot water.  No cleaning chemicals required and in particular we note that acidic-based products should not be used as these erode the surface sealant.

We recommend burnishing or buffing your polished concrete floors once a year or as required, this serves to bring back the warm sheen or gloss and to improve the seal on the floor.

If you have any questions about polished concrete floors, finishes, aggregate, maintenance or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Products we use

We use high quality, environmentally friendly, effective and long-lasting sealants and cleaning products on our polished concrete floors. We are committed to environmental sustainability in all our work – you can find out a bit more about that here.

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